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Lighting Materials for Simulation

Submit Materials

Please feel free to submit your Radiance materials or visual material measurements to be archived on this website. There is no submission form yet, but all inquiries and submissions can be directed to Alstan Jakubiec via e-mail to john_jakubiec@sutd.edu.sg. Full attribution, a link to your website and commentary of your choice can be included along with the material information. While we prefer submissions to be in a CSV format file like this exemplar, we are able to handle alternative formats such as a RAD file containing materials. Note that in the CSV template, missing fields can be left in place, and we will fill in appropriate information such as conversion into the L*a*b* color space.

Practitioners, researchers, manufacturers and students are encourages to submit materials.

Public database extracts will be published on the website periodically to guard against its potential closure in the future. The hosting and maintainence of the website is fully supported by the Design for Climate and Comfort Lab at the Singapore University of Technology and Design for the forseeable future.

We archive the following information in the database,

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