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Lighting Materials for Simulation


Welcome to the Lighting Materials for Simulation website. The website is a library of materials for use in daylighting and electric lighting calculations. The goals of the website are,

  1. to establish a collection of measured material properties in order to understand the range of typical material reflectances for use in lighting simulations and their appropriateness,
  2. to document measurements of unusual materials that are necessary for appropriate visual comfort calculations such as photovoltaic panels, polished metals, and other specular materials,
  3. to provide examples of material definitions in the Radiance material format,
  4. and to provide a venue for researchers, practitioners and manufacturers to share materials relevant to the larger lighting community.
More information can be gleaned from our presentation (second-half of document) at the International Radiance Workshop in Philadelphia. A list of the information we collect is available from the submission page.

The website is a project maintained by the Design for Climate and Comfort Lab at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. Inquiries can be directed towards J. Alstan Jakubiec.

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